SiteGround Review:

SiteGround is a renowned WordPress hosting provider. They are famous for the most excellent 24/7 support in the industry and are a recommended hosting provider for official WordPress. Therefore, we use SiteGround to host the website of WPBeginner. Auto-upgrades, WP cache integrated, CDN, single-click stage, and GIT Version Control are included in SiteGround features. Also, WPBeginner readers have a 70% special discount.

Siteground is a famous hosting company for WordPress.We all know Speed is key to your website’s performance.

Speed: How quickly will SiteGround load your website?

Reliability: Does your website have any downtime available 24/7/365?

Customer Support: Do you have the support of your customers?

Features: Will, your website, provides all the features and tools you need to build?

Pricing: How much would you have been charged?

It has a versatile hosting package and one of the strongest in the sector for its customer service. This is why we have chosen SiteGround as one of the best hosting companies for WordPress. Let us now immerse ourselves in our detailed review of SiteGround, so that you can learn how we came to that end and make your decision.

Pros: Every hosting firm has its advantages and disadvantages. Certain benefits can outweigh the drawbacks, but certain disadvantages can be a complete breaker for individual needs. You may want to review these SiteGround advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

Here are some of the benefits SiteGround offers to one of the world’s top hosting companies.

  • Quick server: High-speed optimization is offered in all SiteGround servers. The new equipment, such as SSD drives and applications, are given to ensure the platform is rapid. It’s simple to use.
  • Their customer support is fantastic: Top-Notch Customer Service They offer 24/7 support for the telephone, live chat, and ticket.
  • Free CDN and SSL: The free CDN and SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt are immediately accessible for Cloudflare.
  • Multiple server locations: Information centers are located on three continents. The position you choose during registration can be selected.
  • Strong output – Last 24 months’ 99.99% uptime: All hosting assessments are based on actual statistics and raw data for at least 24 months. At that time, SiteGround’s uptime output was almost outstanding. This reliable uptime keeps visitors to the website happy. More importantly, however, it means your website works almost 24 hours a day so that you won’t miss out on whether your clients want to buy.
  • Loading period (673ms) over average: The site velocity is probably the second most significant consideration for host selection.For example, Google data reveals that 53% of users go out if you don’t load the sites within 3 seconds. You may compact photos to make their weight lighter. You may load them through a CDN to remove any strain from your file. However, a slow host once? A slow host at all times. Fortunately, with SiteGround, you don’t have to worry. Their over-average load time of 673ms is not the highest that we saw, but SiteGround is close to the top 10 at a price.
  • Best experience in customer support (2017-2020): For a total of more than two years, we have been monitoring SiteGround, and with their support, we have never had major problems. They provide customers with a knowledge base to find fast answers. When you don’t, you should dial or use the online chat 24/7.
  • Domain Online Platform Migration: Whenever a “DIY migration” alternative comes out of site hosting, it makes us a little bit nervous. This is because most of them aren’t tall, so they end up burdening the company. They have created a free plugin to download WordPress migration. Migration plugin for SiteGround WordPress, No long and boring walkthroughs are available, either. If you’d like to have some practical, hands-on assistance, SiteGround will put its plans into the free service. If you are above the plan limits, they charge for each additional site a nominal fee of $30.
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN) and Secure SSL Certificate: Google has actively begun to warn people about the fact that the website they are trying to reach has not an SSL certificate. It aims to encrypt details transmitted between user and server, including personal information such as IP addresses or credit card numbers, between the user’s computer and website. Hackers and others might quickly access the information if left unsecured. So Chrome searches the best interest of web users here.
  • Enabled start-to-advanced apps: SiteGround has for everyone a little bit. SiteGround has deep WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal integrations, other than Weebly. Each app can be quickly and painlessly installed. There is no need to help a developer. You are lucky, too, though, if you’re already a developer. Git, along with the SSH, WP-CLI, SFTP, and phpMyAdmin, will be installed on larger plans. They are available with multiple PHP versions. Caching is accessible on a Multi-Level basis. You can also access the stage environments at sites that are to be prepared or tested before you start making new features. SiteGround also promotes the protection of new threats by utilizing the patented AI-Bot mitigation device. Their data reveals that brute force attempts are blocked every hour on their database, from 500,000 to two million.
  • Money-back guarantee for a 30-day period: On all common hosting plans, SiteGround has a full 30-day cash back guarantee. Their Cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans are only reimbursed for 15 days by comparison. Domain name fees and any “extras” are normally not reimbursed like many other hosts. And only new consumers are bound by this compensation scheme. So, on renewal plans, you can’t get refunds.




Disadvantages SiteGround Hosting

As we said previously, every hosting company has some downsides. These are some inconveniences in choosing your host SiteGround. SiteGround impressed us with its faultless uptime and free service guarantee if uptime is below 99.99%. Their speeds of loading are pretty good, albeit not the quickest out. SiteGround also provides a variety of software to please both current and experienced consumers. However, before signing up, there are some disadvantages to consider.

  • Shop Limited: Their proposals provide fixed capacity. However, this capacity is quite growing, so if you just start, you probably won’t need additional storage.


  • Installation fee: There is an installation fee of $14.95 if you select monthly charges. But you will get a further discount and no setup charge if you sign up for a more extended billing period. You can have a 30- day money-back guarantee, but preferring a more extended billing period when you sign up is smart.


  • Superior Improvement Committees: The cheapest StartUp plan from SiteGround is a low price of $3.95 / month, which is announced on its website. This contract seems a little too sweet for it to be real. Much of the site host, which we have tested so far, use the same technique. They are only paying double (or even three times) of the price, as it is time for renewal, with a low initiating rate. For instance, when renewed, that rate of $3.95 / month is up to $11.95. Other proposals for SiteGround increase to $19.95, respectively, and $34.95 a month. The best way to do so is to lock up yourself at a very low rate as long as you can (36 months on SiteGround) as long as possible.
  • The Monthly Billing setup fee is $14.95: Not many shared web hosts let you just start purchasing for a month. The concern is that the contract must be extended at a higher cost in the first month. So you might think that you got a ton at first, just a couple bucks checking their operation. But in reality, you will be sanctioned twice (once by the setup fee and once more by the renovation rate).
  • Cost of setup SiteGround: Don’t bother about this one month plan, because in the long run, you are only going to pay more.



Plans and features for Siteground Hosting

SiteGround provides networking, networking, WordPress, web storage, and hosting services. If you’re beginning, then your joint hosting plans will fit your needs perfectly. However, the website can expand, and you want to ensure that you move to other plans.

Let’s see the hosting plans and apps of SiteGround.

Hosting for new websites and beginners: Collaborative hosting is suggested. It is suitable for websites with little traffic as you share resources with other server websites.


WordPress Hosting: This plan is a version of your shared hosting plan optimized with WordPress. It comes with WordPress optimizations from SiteGround to boost your website efficiency.


Cloud Hosting: Web infrastructure is a versatile computing update. You may access tools on a cloud platform from several servers. It is appropriate to grow websites, popular blogs, or companies.


Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated servers provide you with a complete website service. It’s costlier, but it’s much more potent for you.


This scheme applies to large companies and high traffic sites with difficult server needs. Contact the SiteGround team and create a tailor-made schedule for your needs.

  • The schedule is restricted to one site hosting. It covers a disk area of 10 GB and is suitable for a website with 10,000 visitors every month.
  • It has 20 GB of disk space and is ideal for websites with 25,000 visitors per month. You will get all the functions in the startup plan, as well as high-end features like Super Cacher, SSL wildcard one year free, and more.
  • The GoGeek plan can be implemented on small websites for eCommerce. It has 100,000 monthly users on websites.

Customer Service and SiteGround Support:

Everywhere you see great praise for the customer support services of SiteGround. They are remarkably successful in offering their customers quick, helpful, and informed support.

Support to your customer includes 24/7 telephone, live chat, and email support for tickets. The answer times for your phone and live chat are almost instant. In less than 10 minutes, Email receives the first reply.

Why choose SiteGround ?

SiteGround offers a wide range of knowledge base articles, including screenshots, videos, tutorials, and guides, to users who prefer to fix things for themselves.

SiteGround is a popular shared hosting provider with multiple hosting options for its users.

These include hosting WordPress, the Cloud, and even dedicated servers.

For over two years, we have tracked the cheapest SiteGround Startup joint program. You can pay for a shared hosting account, set up a live test site, and monitored its performance closely with a third-party tool to provide this impartial, transparent review.

SiteGround hosting ranks among the best hosting firms for uptime (99.99 percent) and pace (673ms). SiteGround hosting customer support staff is professional, fast, and simple to use. A CDN, SSL certificate, and email addresses are included in all the plans.

Conclusion: They have plans for every budget, and every plan comes with a wide range of characteristics. You will definitely appreciate the customer support of SiteGround if you are just starting a site for the first time and with SiteGround coupon codes, WPBeginner users receive an exclusive 70 percent discount and free SSL. You just have to click this button to order. The discount is automatically applied.




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