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JustHost Review

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JustHost Review

JustHost is a simple-to-use hosting provider that seeks to provide website owners with all the features that top hosting companies do, at a fraction of the cost. With a range of hosting options open to website owners of all sizes, an interactive website creator for simple site construction, and excellent customer service on hand at all times, your website hosting requirements are guaranteed to be fulfilled without crushing your budget. JustHost Quick Overview Here’s an overview of the features that come with JustHost.

Specializations :

  • WordPress Hosting: JustHost caters to those that use WordPress and offers access to a one-click download of WordPress themes and plugins through the Mojo Marketplace.
  • Customer Satisfaction: JustHost provides help 24/7 with your mobile and email, a ticket program, and a live chat facility.
  • Site Management: When registering for JustHost services, you not only receive a domain free of charge, you can also host unlimited domains, thus facilitating the management of several websites.
  • Migration Policy: Up to five websites and 20 email accounts can be migrated. This applies only to shared hosting clients, as JustHost does not provide reseller, private, or VPS server accounts with migration support.
  • The trial period of the Money Back Guarantee: Thirty-day cash return bonus, reduced configuration, and domain management costs, prorated returns.
  • Lowest share price or other most economical plans: Using our exclusive deal for $3.95 / mo.
  • Policy on Backup: Complimentary backups were made by JustHost every day, weekly, and monthly, but at the discretion of the organization in keeping with its Account Backup Policy. In reality, JustHost explicitly notes that no backup is protected for failed backups, missing data, or data validity and assumes zero responsibility. The company invites users to backup themselves via cPanel.
  • JustHost provides hosting options for all website sizes and styles â mutual, reserved, VPS, and resellers. JustHost is one of the hosting firms belonging to the Endurance International Group (EIG).
  • Infinite Email Accounts: In turn, you can access an unlimited amount of domains for simple site maintenance, obtain unlimited email addresses, and pass unlimited data to the current hosting company without penalty.
  • Plan Differences: The unlimited options refer to the most costly joint hosting service offered.

The company focuses on customer service, is proud of competitive pricing, and stresses the characteristics which cater to website owners of WordPress. EIG, although the parent of a large number of hosting companies, is an independent company for all brands.

Although JustHost has popular hosting plans close to most other services, you should learn a few things before you want to go elsewhere. You are receiving unlimited GBs of host disk space with JustHost so that you won’t pay according to your use of the bandwidth or the amount of disk space you use. JustHost promises that it offers all the tools available for an excellent website to operate without thinking about tools’ overages. You can use unlimited emails to the dashboard of JustHost’s email account, plus free add-ons, parked, and subdomains.


WordPress Hosting: While the WordPress hosting plans are not under control, JustHost makes it easy to set up and manage a WordPress Website. JustHost gives website owners an easy way to update WordPress with the one-click cPanel installer on your hosting account. Do not hesitate to use our discount if you decide to try JustHost.

Dedicated Hosting: The dedicated hosting solution from JustHost is for those with a lot of traffic on major websites.



Here are some essential information and features, regardless of the plan you choose, that you receive from a JustHost account.


Databases and Control Panel: JustHost wants to ensure that all services and databases on the server that you may need are accessible. When you log on to your control panel, you can see this:


Control Panel of JustHost: You can easily navigate the JustHost control panel. Here are some of the most common services provided by JustHost:


  • Databases MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Perl Five
  • The Strike
  • On Rails, Ruby/Ruby
  • JavaScript support, DHTML support, Flash support, and Shockwave
  • Download a 1-click file for SimpleScripts.


This is good news because PHP 7 is nearly double that fast and makes sure that website users do not have a problem with poor speed and performance.


Scripts for Free Website:  Simple Scripts is made possible by JustHost for all website operators. Many of the things that you will do for this benefit are here:

  • Using PHPBB to build a notification board
  • Set up templates for social networking
  • Build a wider collection of emails
  • Add galleries of images
  • Create surveys and surveys to increase user participation.
  • If you want to launch an electronic commerce store, JustHost will cover you.

E-Commerce Features:

Included are the key features for running a successful online store:

  • Free SSL certificate (extra priced)
  • Shopping carts like OSCommerce, Agora, Cube Cart and Zen Cart
  • Protected Account Control Limitation Directories
  • Encryption with OpenPGP / GPG
  • Multi-monetary payment system built-in.
  • Builder for website
  • JustHost services are provided with a free domain name.
  • JustHost offers its users with a web site building resource free of charge for those who are not involved in using WordPress.
  • It’s user friendly

JustHost also provides a custom dashboard for managing and monitoring themes, plugins, and more.

You will save up to 74% on JustHost plans at this moment. To get the offer, please use this discount button. Comprises extras over $100. The JustHost money-back guarantee is available for 30 days.

JustHost only has one information center in Provo, Utah. This may not be a good thing for some with a worldwide brand, as several datacenters around the world often provide site visitors with faster and better results. JustHost does, though, consider solutions to avoid over-stopping and sluggish downloads if one user sees a major spike in traffic on a mutual site and monopolies usable services.


CPU Protection: All shared servers from JustHost are tracked with special software to ensure that every client earns a reasonable share of the server’s resources.

If the resources of a server are misused at any time, this software informs JustHost immediately.

CDN: JustHost provides website owners with the powerful Cloudflare Content Dispatch Network (CDN), which is easily accessible through your cPanel accounts. This regional CDN is a network-wide caching of the contents so website users can access information at a fast pace irrespective of geographic position.

Response and Uptime: Over the last six months, JustHost reached 100 percent uptime, based on Pingdom’s uptime estimates.

Slow periods are experienced because of the difficulty and existence of a collaborative web hosting system. Sadly, we don’t offer any downtime compensation.

Unlike uptimes, the response time for JustHost is slightly lower than what we normally see in hosting companies of world-class. The average response time in the last six months has been 913 ms. The last year never saw a response time of over 644 ms. SiteGround and Bluehost have been doubled in experiments. Compare these response times with Bluehost with an average response time of 476 ms and SiteGround with an average response time of 431 ms. JustHost offers cPanel for customers to manage all aspects of their hosting accounts.


CPanel’s section:

  • Domain information access and management
  • Create a new domain
  • Domain Name Transfer
  • Domain redirects management
  • Export a CSV file domain list.
  • G-Suite, additional and additional extras

In addition, get the Google G-Suite, the Mojo Marketplace, your emails, your available plugins, threads, and Premium WP Live-Compatibility features. You can connect to your website directly from the cPanel too. CPanel Details Best of all, if you need assistance, you can directly access the Help Centre: The new cPanel of JustHost is very detailed. Here are some of the main elements to reach at first glance through the cPanel:

  • Installs in one button
  • Lists of shipping
  • Colloquium CDN
  • FTP Manager

Statistics on the website, including bandwidth usage, error logs, and frequent guests. Professional services including web migrations, for example, enhancements such as domain protection, SiteLock, and Constant Contact. Services like Google AdWords and Bing Ads

  • Access to SSH shell
  • Tools for database
  • Access to programming.
  • Marketplace for Fairness
  • JustHost has introduced a quick cPanel GUI
  • Support for Customers

Just Host is commitment to customer support is a feature of even the harshest competition. The organization literally offers customized service through mobilephone and live chat any day of the day.

In addition, the company has a comprehensive ticket system, which divides your queries into various categories, including affiliates, accounting, sales, and tech support. Your question is thus immediately referred to the right department.

  • Help for the equal consumer
  • The support panel of JustHost

You will talk with one of the help team leaders of JustHost live. Here, a variety of queries and complaints may be posed whether or not you’re a JustHost customer and a timely and detailed answer is anticipated. There’s a know-how foundation for booting online. JustHost is a good hosting solution; some aspects need to be changed.

Cost of additional automated backups: Backups are important for users to comfortably trust their sites. JustHost allows you manually backup your site, but to automate and guarantee it, you must also acquire a premium backup service.

Several other servers, such as Bluehost and SiteGround, provide free automatic backups.

Site Migration is not safe: You can purchase support to switch to JustHost, but it isn’t safe. You may need to measure this additional expense for consumers who want to move hosting providers.

JustHost offer some kind of guarantee that its websites do not go down without compensation to its customers.

Conclusion: The theme here is consistent that JustHost is a respectable hosting service, but not amazing. JustHost has a lot of diversity in hosting plans and provides adequate hosting features at reasonable prices. You should evaluate your personal needs and decide whether the potential downsides are sufficiently small to justify your subscription to the services of this company.

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