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Best VPS hosting providers

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VPS is a unique hosting technique that sits well between standard shared web hosting and dedicated server services. The VPS is an unparalleled hosting technology. Just check out list of some best VPS hosting providers are below.

  1. SiteGround

Highlights are here:

  • Uptime overall: 100%
  • Server: Rapidity
  • Space of 40 GB SSD
  • Transfer of 5 TB data
  • Two cores and 4 GB of RAM
  • CentOS and Apache.
  • Integrated GIT

A great hosting company that offers reliable live chat quality server performance. SiteGround Hosting is a fantastic hosting service with excellent server efficiency and reliable live chat support, suitable for both currents, which seasoned users who want to become website VPS users.

The cloud strategy of SiteGround is in accordance with the VPS. It is entirely managed with unique tools for building and maintaining cPanels separately. No.1 recommendation, SiteGround, which is often consistent and renowned for its pace, enjoys site size, reliability, and sales.

  • Hostinger 

Highlights are here:

  • Uptime Overall: 100%
  • Speed of the server: A+
  • SSD 20 GB
  • The bandwidth of 1 TB
  • 1 GB of Memory & 2 GB of RAM
  • The network of 100 MB/S
  • Support for IPv6
  • 30 times faster than the average hosting services shared

Their Plan 1 provides basic spec with a bandwidth of 1000 GB (almost 1 TB), 20 GB of disk, and approximately 1 GB of RAMs. For more information, please opt for plan 6, which gives a total of 6 GB of RAM, 160 GB of disk space, and 6 000 GB of bandwidth. This makes Hostinger one of the most rapidly expanding VPS hosting providers. Your prices for a VPS of this caliber are also ridículously low. Excellent value for money can’t work wrong with Hostinger. Hostinger will be the next best choice for you if SiteGround prices are a little too high.

  • Inmotion Host

Highlights are here:                         

  • Uptime Overall: 100%
  • Speed of the server: A+
  • Price: $27.99 a month.
  • Storage of 75 GB SSD
  • The bandwidth of 4 TB
  • RAM 4 GB
  • W LAMP CentOS
  • Excellent high uptime and low TTFB server performance

The VPS hosting package is strongly recommended if server efficiency is the focus, and in addition to its good customer support, the outcome would be excellent server results, with secure uptime (> 99.95%) and low time-to-first byte (< 450%).

The numerous functions available with Inmotion Hosting such as the cPanel license for extra security and high-speed hosting with enterprise-grade CertOS and SSL & SSDs certificates make it an excellent choice for power users.

  • A2 Hosting

Highlights are here:

  • Uptime overall: 99.9%
  • Speed of the server: A+
  • Price: 32,99 dollars a month.
  • Storage of 75 GB SSD
  • The shift of 2 TB
  • 4 GB of RAM and four vCPUs
  • TLS 1.2 & Node.js
  • Plesk or Cpanel

A2 is serious about pace with Railgun Optimizer, preconfigured caching & SSD API. Like Hostinger, A2 Hosting provides the website with its VPS hosting at the highest price. The A2 hosting guys are adamant about their velocity with technologies such as Railgun Optimizer, default data caching, and SSD backup for their servers. Although they provide all the vital features that a VPS hosting requires, such as the ability to use cPanel, Linux OS and even enable root access, their key strength is unparalleled hosting server pace.

  • HostGator

Highlights are here:

  • Uptime Overall: 100%
  • Speed of the server: A+
  • Price: $29.95 a month.
  • Speed of 120 GB
  • 1.5 TB shift
  • 2 Kernels & RAM 2 GB
  • Two addresses of Internet
  • Migration Free Account
  • It’s great for bloggers who want an easy and scalable cloud hosting solution.

Although VPS is cheaper than dedicated servers, most hosting services are still relatively costly. HostGator provides a cost-effective, reliable, and usable VPS plan. Your VPS Plan is ideal for bloggers that want a simple and flexible cloud hosting solution.

6. Bluehost:

Highlights are here:

  • Strongest should be beginners host
  • Quick SSD Speed
  • Domain Name Free SSL
  • Flexible management of multiple servers
  • Money-back guarantee 30 days 30 days
  • Set-up practically
  • Services promised
  • CPanel improved
  • Total Power-Access to Root
  • No Ultimate Plans
  • Only three-year discounts


In 2003 Bluehost began operating more than 2 million websites by 2020. Its affordable standard hosting plans make it quite accessible. BlueHost is a next-generation VPS that provides flexibility, configuration, scalability, and excellent efficiency when it comes to VPS hosting.

They offer fast and secure SSD stores, scalable RAM, and flexible server management to add additional servers for excellent speed and reliable performance.

It is equipped with 2 GB RAM, 30 GB quick and confident SSD space, two centers CPU, and

Free domain registration, free SSL certificate, access control are good for me.

The most extended prepayment plans are available at Bluehost VPS prices. However, the 30-day cash back guarantee should allow you sufficient time to change and cancel if you are not happy.

Bluehost is one of the best VPS hosting providers for startups, given high-end uptime, fast and reliable SSD storage, but resource-hungry projects do not entirely fit with their VPS offers.

  • JustHost:

Highlights are here:

  • Customer service, telephone, chat, and email support 24/7

JustHost has many free extras that feature an all-sharing hosting service to enhance your online attendance and make it a reliable, affordable option. Like its account and website management tools, the company website is user-friendly. The JustHost Web Administration Panel is designed individually and provides a brief overview of other hosts with more difficult interfaces. Both newcomers and seasoned users enjoyed the full disk capacity and unrestricted bandwidth that JustHost allocated to users and the unlimited data sharing and email accounts. Each one needs and can enjoy the included domain name. JustHost offers customer service, telephone, chat, and email support 24/7. The control system of the organization is improved with cPanel capabilities and applications. Hosting features are powerfully combined to make your website secure and fast to set up with the customer control panel.

However, this term can be daunting and hard to justify for people who are new to the hosting space-fortunately the business is a handful of people that can also offer a monthly term choice.

8. Cloudways:

Highlights are here:

  • Quick server
  • Blocked dashboard
  • Powerful supplements
  • Easy scaling
  • Easy to work together
  • Security management
  • No free trial credit card is required.
  • Control of limited server
  • Problems in customer support

Cloudways is a special event. Cloudways is simply an integrator with applications to let users utilize their software on different cloud services, instead of a traditional web hosting service provider.

It offers users a good selection of different cloud platforms from a very affordable Digital Ocean to cost-effective Amazon Web Services. Instead of the Cloudways bonus, the actual performance is very dependent on the platform.

For example, you subscribe to Cloudways, and part of those payments will cover their management services and account for functionality such as relocation of data, app dashboards, and so on.

In this specific role, we must look at how they are set up to help you handle the programs that you pay for more closely than the individual results. This covers items like UI-design for dashboards, incorporates apps like firewalls, CDNs, and customer support.

9. Wp Engine

Highlights are here:

  • Speed rise
  • Improved safety
  • expensive

A good website involves many elements. Your hosting site and, in particular, your hosting plan is among the most important. This can affect the speed, reliability, and safety of selecting the wrong host.

Hosting the Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one alternative of others, but for specific Medium, to High traffic sites, it is a popular choice. Currently, WP Engine is a popular option for cloud-based hostings globally, owing to its better durability, scalability, and health.

VPS hosting uses a dedicated physical server virtual partition, which means that it is a standard solution. The distinction, though, is that you have a specific field of your site. This can limit scalability; if you need to scale, it often requires a full server migration.

10.  Namecheap:

Highlights are here:

  • Best functionality and flexibility

Usually, if people leave hosting shared, they will move to a virtual private server or VPS. Although they are not actual machines, they are resourceful to you. The hosting plan is most appropriate for companies that require more server power, functionality, and flexibility than familiar servers, but without dedicated servers pricing.

In other terms, you have the best of the two worlds with the VPS hosting. You get something, but it isn’t too incredible at a size.

Conclusion: Lists of some best VPS hosting providers are here, If you are confused, you can check out above of excellent VPS Hosting Guide.

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