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Best Dedicated Hosting providers

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Dedicated hosting is almost often costlier than VPS or collaborative networking. It depends on the plans and desires, whether or not the additional expenses are worth it. Information and usability is a highly critical thing for any company website. You should also ensure that nobody else can access your server that your site is safe. Below list of best dedicated hosting providers give you and your domain several extra advantages. The other benefits include absolute access control, total anonymity, and assured server space depending on your hosting contract.

  1. A2 Hosting: 

You should go for dedicated hosting if you expect a large amount of Website traffic. A2 has numerous server packages powered by Linux. Manageable servers with at least two copy core cores, an 8 GB RAM, 10 TB monthly data transfers, and two 500 GB hard drives, starting at $169 per month, unmanaged servers with starting at $119 per month, and reflective servers (starting at $169 a month). Their ability to get root access. These are attractive offers, but the publishing hosting option is packed with features. A2 hosting offers Linux or Windows-based, flexible, or prefabricated servers for 8 GB RAM, 1 TB of storage, and 20 TB of monthly data transfer, starting at $105 a month. There is also the $385 monthly plan that provides you with 16 GB (up to 512 GB customizable), 250 GB of SSD, and 20 TB of monthly data transfers if you need more dedicated power.

  • InMotion Hosting –

InMotion provides dedicated servers with additional security layers to protect your sites from malware that defaults on their plans. Their servers only exist in the US, but their functionality and uptime are of the highest quality. Their average speed over the last two months was around 460ms, with a nearly perfect 99.98% uptime. 

InMotion provides Linux only with the setting of the server; however, the deal is sweetened by a free Cpanel and the WHM. If you don’t need bandwidth, use the SSD alternative to work much better. Additional security benefits like a free AutoSSL and a pre-loaded APF firewall will also protect you from malware on all dedicated servers. As part of a managed server plan, they also perform automated updates on your server. 

InMotion offers customer service 24/7 via mobile, Skype, chat, or email. Your support is impressive in response time. The follow-up questions were also quickly answered, which shows that customer support is taken very seriously. The officials are well-informed and can assist you in any questions or concerns. However, at first, some answers were vague, but they became more detailed with the follow-up questions. In complete, the service of InMotion gives a fantastic experience in customer care. The schedule starts at $115.69 per month with an annual bond, or $146.59 per month if the monthly payments are more convenient. If their services are not for your liking, you have the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Every plan has free 2-hour launch help so that, InMotion helps you with zero downtime transferring your content or helps you to answer all your setup questions. With this best dedicated hosting provider you can also enjoy 99.99% uptime. 

  •  HostGator: 

HostGator offers the best dedicated, managed, and affordable hosting solution but are willing to pay more after the initial period. The data centers of HostGator are only available in the USA. The average speed was only approximately 1090ms, which was lower than that performed by some of the other providers. Due to two hours of downtime over the last two months, the uptime was 99.86 percent. 

You have links to a free control panel with Linux, Plesk, and WebMatrix Windows setups, including cPanel and WHM. A decent 2 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores is available on HostGator’s cheapest plan. You will get 1 TB of HDD disk space, and you can only select a higher level SSD disk. But there are three dedicated IP addresses for each package and a bandwidth unregulated. Roots, DDoS, RAID 1 storage, and IP-based firewall provide main characteristics. You also have unlimited access to databases. Assistance HostGator has 24/7 support for telephones and live chat. The perception of customer service is, therefore, quite dubious. Overall, the customer support for HostGator is not very reliable, but when you receive your answers. But that’s not what you hope for in the competitive hosting world of today. Screenshot of HostGator client support Tariffs With three years of commitment, HostGator’s hosting plans begin at $89.98 / month. Given the value you receive with the cheapest plan; however, it’s fair to pay an average rate of $189 / month for renewal. They offer the option of paying monthly, but the price begins at $159.99 per week. Unfortunately, no money back promises are provided by HostGator.

  • Bluehost- 

Customer support is reliable in Bluehost; it is a trustworthy, high value hosting provider according to your money. Your servers are not as powerful as others in this list, but you get some great features at a relatively low cost. Bluehost has almost all data centers in the USA, the EU, and Asia worldwide. The output is also good at an average speed of approximately 720 meters. 

The cheapest Bluehost plan is supplied with a RAM 4 GB and a processor for 2.3GHz with 4 CPU cores, which isn’t powerful. There’s also a 500 GB disk space available, which isn’t too much because they’re not offering a low storage SSD disc. Your bandwidth is also restricted to 5 TB, which is adequate for most SMEs. The cheapest plan is to obtain three dedicated IP addresses. In addition to the free cPanel above, you also receive a free SSL certificate from taking your costs away. The industry-standard DDoS protection is lacking, however, in the plans. The assistance of Bluehost provides support to all plans on a 24/7 phone and chat room. However, we could not contact them via live chat function after several attempts on the first day. During analysis, it could have been an issue with the live chat program, but when the problem happens again, you can contact them directly. They offer a full 30 days cash back guarantee, and for the first year, you receive a free domain name.

  • SiteGround: 

SiteGround is a best dedicated hosting provider that runs independently and is involved in 24-hour monitoring and reacts instantly. They have fully managed their dedicated hosting plans, and so SiteGround is always up to date. So many kinds of hosting options are available that the choice of the right solution for your business becomes quite confusing and difficult. Dedicated SiteGround hosting is a kind of hosting system where a company is able to reserve the whole domain (typically located within a data centre). The hosting function is also called a dedicated server, or a controlled server hosting services. The Dedicated Server Hosting service is a very flexible form of server setup, as it provides customers/organizations with full control of storage, applications, and security systems, unlike the managed server Hosting structure. This is why the hosting of the dedicated server is pretty costly because it is packaged and superior.

The dedicated hosting plan for SiteGround costs $229 per month, and that is costly. Still, particularly for its rich features, performance, service quality, fast lightning, and VIP support, it is worth the cost. You should use SiteGround’s cloud hosting service without delay. SiteGround has best-dedicated hosting plans if you are searching for a standard controlled, dedicated hosting provider for your website. In addition, plans are economical because they cost you just $80 a month and can comfortably fit your needs. 

Host any type of website with a hosting, root server, and free cPanel & WHM 4. VIP Support with a 99.99% uptime guarantee is dedicated 24/7. Lightning-fast load site with the superior speed technology of the SiteGround server. You have a free public internet address and a free private DNS on your public domain hosting page. 

SiteGround dedicated servers will support you in applying access control policies via a custom firewall. A dedicated server hosting service will concentrate primarily on offering an ironclad base for your web, which can survive heavy traffic loads and surges to monitor its operations entirely. 

  • Hostinger:

Hostinger is a reliable and affordable web host that helps you get your company online quickly. Regrettably, Windows servers, telephone assistance, and hosting plans are lacking.

The online pages, podcasts, and videos will exist in a completely different manner, and potentially cumbersome, without web-hosting facilities. You’ll need a reliable web host if you intend to start a business or extend an established organization. Hostinger is a solution that offers secure and trustworthy plans that can get your company online quickly. In other words, some features you might expect in a top web host like dedicated hosting and telephone support are missing from Hostinger’s plans. If your Webpage is placed on a server by a dedicated hosting plan, which allows you to use the full power of a server. A dedicated server is an excellent choice if you expect high traffic volumes.

  • JustHost :

On the OpenStack, a scalable OS cloud is justHost, a dedicated platform. JustHost, WHM system, enhanced CPanel for resource management, custom domain manager, and server management tools are available to you. Instant supply, from the ground up, our technology is optimized. Instead of hours or days, use your account in seconds. Account information and data are protected automatically.

Access to Root, Tools for server management offer you complete CentOS operating system and application access and power. Caching improved, high performance with our backpack caching. The RAM wills your own. 

CPanel improved; one sign-in provides cPanel access, server management, and the same featured hosting tools. Upgrades to Store, Connect your dedicated server quickly high capacity SAN data. Get answers to all questions immediately by using a dedicated support line exclusively. You are never locked in with just host; any time you get a reimbursement.

  • Cloudways 

The Cloudways uses several clustered server resources to balance your web load; the traditional shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans are entirely unable to compare it. The business also provides many hosting services for pay-as-you-go hours, which bill you only for the period you spent using them. You will only be charged for ten days to accommodate, for example, if you cancel a plan for ten days in a month. Hosts like the dreamHost and HostGator Editors’ Choice bill you for the full month, even though you cancel the cycle for just a week. Traditional monthly billing is available in Cloudways too.

The monthly Web hosting contracts begin at $10.00 (for 25 GB of storage, 1 GB of monthly data transfers, 1 GB of RAM, and a one-core processor) and rise to $1,035.00 (for 3840 GB of storage, 12 GB of monthly data transfers, 192 GB of RAM, and a 32-core processor). In reality, the top specificities of Cloudways have more in common with the simple use of SMB Liquid Network, enabling you to equip a wild 512 GB RAM server. The plans mentioned above start at just over $0.01 and add up to only over $1.43 if you want the hourly billing model.

  • Wp Engine:

The Content Management System (CMS) is the most popular online solution for many websites, and WordPress is an excellent option. This includes personal blogs, websites for small businesses, and even online companies. Just like any other CMS, when it comes to hosting, you have your choice.

WP Engine does not provide this solution for every provider. This means that your site is safe, reliable, and flexible to meet all your needs. WP Engine offers plans for a range of website needs, including the management of a dedicated server as a premium dedicated hosting’s platform. WP Engine can assure you of the most efficient operation of your website. You can rest assured your website is working most effectively with the WP Engine on your side.

  1. Namecheap

Would you like to transfer to Namecheap, your existing server? This is simple and free. You won’t have hidden costs with us with zero additional charges to set up or install your OS. Manage your DSS exactly as you like.

Feel extra safe thanks to a private peering network that gives you the stability of connectivity for any website or application that you can use. Namecheap, technical staff, will routinely monitor any server problems under complete server management. Forget about expensive downtime and slow download speeds. Your Dedicated Server is connected to a separate Cisco / Juniper network, which is ready to handle incoming traffic and is connected to level3, high winds, HE, Cogent, and integral. Tools for Data Operations Manage the exact way you like your Dedicated Server. Security Airtight Feel extra safe thanks to an independent peering network, which offers you stable connectivity for any website or application. Namecheap, technical staff, will routinely monitor any server problems under complete server management.

Conclusion: Above best dedicated hosting providers provides improved efficiency; your platform can also be considerably quicker because it will not share the web space with someone else. Full freedom and supervision, you will tailor your server to your requirements and have full access to all facets of your website. Much more storage space for site files (up to 2 TB of disk area) is included in most dedicated hosting plans. The first consideration of a specific hosting plan is the size of your website. This is since these pages must be regularly fast with limited downtime.

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